¡Exclusive Offer: Earn 2,000 Premier Points* with your Aeromexico Visa® Card!

With Hoteles en Línea you always earn up to 25,000 Premier Points per night. Plus, get a bonus of 2,000 Points on your first reservation using your Aeromexico Visa Card before the 31st of December 2019.

Terms and conditions:  2,000 Premier Points for Aeromexico Visa cardmembers with first booking through Hoteles en Linea. Valid only for bookings made from from January 1st to December 31st, 2019 by 23:53 CT.

 You acknowledge and agree to the "Terms and Conditions for the 2,000 Premier Points Bonus booked with your Aeroméxico Visa Card on Hoteles en Línea”

 *Promotion: As a Club Premier member and an Aeroméxico Visa Cardmember, earn a 2,000 (two thousand) Premier Points Bonus on your first hotel booking made with the Aeroméxico Visa Card through this special promotion site https://hotelesenlinea.clubpremier.com/c/us-bank/en   To obtain the 2,000 Point Bonus, Aeromexico Visa Cardmembers must follow the steps below:  

  • Book at least one night on the website https://hotelesenlinea.clubpremier.com/c/us-bank/en 
  • Pay with your Aeromexico Visa Card. 
  • Complete your hotel stay. 
  • The bonus will be awarded upon check out. 

Validity: Valid for bookings made from from January 1st to December 31st, 2019 by 23:53 CT.  You must complete your stay before December 31st, 2019.  

 Restrictions: The bonus only applies to reservations booked on the official website of the promotion https://hotelesenlinea.clubpremier.com/c/us-bank/en.  The bonus applies to customers booking their first hotel with their US Bank Aeroméxico Credit Card and will only be granted to those members who have made their hotel reservation from January 1 to December 31st, 2019. Even if the reservation confirmation indicates the bonus, if the reservation was not paid with the US Bank Aeromexico card, the bonus will be cancelled.  If the reservation is cancelled, Premier Points will not be awarded to the customer.  The Bonus does not apply to Aeromexico Gold, Platinum or Titan level upgrade.The bonus does not apply to customers using their miles to purchase their reservation.  Not applicable for Club Premier Corporate program accounts.  Cannot be combined with other promotions. Those who have suspended or cancelled accounts do not participate.  Valid only in Mexico. Hoteles en Línea reserves the right to withdraw a bonus at any time if it detects technical errors, if reservations are cancelled and re-booked (with the same search criteria), or if there is any fallacious behavior that tries to circumvent the restrictions expressed above, including multiple accounts.  The US Bank Aeromexico Card must be valid and up to date with your payments. Premier Points that cannot be accumulated due to incorrect or incomplete user information will become ineligible after 12 months. 

Bonus: 2,000 (two thousand) Premier Points for your first reservation booked in accordance with these terms and conditions. 

 Change and cancellations: If the reservation is cancelled, Premier Points will not be awarded to the customer. 

 Frauds: Club Premier reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate in case of fraud, fraudulent conduct or malpractice by Members with Club Premier Accounts. 

Assumptions: Fraud by a third party member of the account. Payment declined due to a stolen Credit Card: Credit Card will be canceled and the Multiply Premier Points Plan will be suspended.  

PLM Premier, S.A.P.I. Of C.V. reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently terminate any customer’s Club Premier membership for non-compliance with Club Premier's Terms and Conditions. The Club Premier member will be notified 24 (twenty four) hours in advance of account cancellation. During the temporary suspension, Club Premier will not credit points to your Club Premier Account or redeem the points already in your account and will suspend all the Benefits associated with being a Club Premier member. The definitive cancellation results in the definitive cancellation of the Club Premier Account, the Points credited therein and all the Benefits associated with being a Club Premier member. 

Partner Communications: Premier Points will be awarded in the member's account within 2 to 4 weeks after check out and if the user meets the established conditions. The partner will receive 5 credits on his statement: 

1 (one) for the accumulation of Premier Points that is normally awarded through Hoteles en Línea depending on the chosen hotel
1 corresponding to the bonus "Promo US Bank Hoteles en Línea" of 2,000 Premier Points

If Premier Points have not been credited to the Club Premier account after 5 weeks have passed, please contact Hoteles en Línea staff by email ([email protected]) or by telephone at (Mexico: +52 (55) 8526 4356 or US Toll-free: (800) 764-8004). 

General Terms and Conditions: The Members will be subject to the rules of the Club Premier Program, which are available at www.clubpremier.com.  The Member agrees to cooperate with all reasonable requests from Club Premier for the investigation or prosecution of anyone involved or suspected of misuse or fraud regarding this promotion, as well as fraudulent or malpractice of members with Club Premier Accounts.  The member agrees that the reward or bonus reward and the awarding of Premier Points are subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the Club Premier Program.  The validity of the Premier Points awarded will be governed by the current Premier Points Effective Policy, as well as the rules of the Club Premier Program.  Premier Points referenced in the Club Premier Program are not actual physical points but represent credits in the Club Premier Program. These points cannot be converted into physical currency including cash.   

Personal Information: All processing of personal data made by Club Premier, as well as the exercise of ARCO Rights by the Members, will be carried out in accordance with the Law and Regulation applicable in the Mexican States, as well as subject to the provisions of the Notice of Club Premier Privacy, which you accepted prior to your Club Premier registration (for consultation of the Privacy Notice please go to www.clubpremier.com).  In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illegal Origin, if certain activities carried out by the members are considered by law to be vulnerable activities, Club Premier will share its Personal Data with the corresponding authorities. The information derived from the Notices presented to the competent authorities will be used exclusively for the prevention, identification, investigation and sanction of operations with resources of illegal origin and other crimes related to them. The personal data mentioned above will be kept in absolute safeguard, in the terms of the Political Constitution of the Mexican States.  

Jurisdiction: These Terms and Conditions, in relation to their interpretation or compliance, shall be governed by the Law and jurisdiction of the competent Courts of Mexico City, renouncing from now on any other jurisdiction that, by reason of matter or address, present or future, could correspond to them. If there is any doubt or clarification regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us through the following email: [email protected]

The creditor and issuer of the Aeromexico Visa Card is U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc., and the card is available to United States residents only. ©2019 U.S. Bank